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covercraft catalog pdf

Custom or Ready-Fit

Custom or Ready-Fit

Custom or Ready-Fit


  WeatherShield HD WeatherShield-HP Sunbrella Noah Technalon Deluxe Multibond FormFit Dustop Tan Flannel Polycotton
Outdoor A A B B B C C C D D D
Indoor A A B B B C C B A C C
All-Weather A A B B B C C D D D D
Rain A A C B B C C D C D D
Snow A A D B B C D D C D D
Acid Rain A A B B B B B D C D D
Dust A A C C C D D D A D D
UV - Sun A B A C C D D D C D D
Bird Drop A A B B B C D D C D D
Tree Sap A A C B C C D D C D D
Breathability C C A C C C D A A A A
Heat Insulation C C C B C C C D C C D
Soft Touch B A C C C C   A A B C
Ding Protect C D B B C C C A A C D
Foldability C A C C C C C B C C D
Mildew Resistant A A A B B B B D B B B
Warranty 5 years 4 years 5 years 4 years 4 years 3 years 2 years 4 years 4 years 90 days 90 days


Important Company Info:

All covercraft items are custom made to your order. Only Ready-Fit Covercraft covers are pre-made and ready to ship immediately, and we do not recommend you buy a ready fit cover, buy a custom fitting cover. Most items will ship in 2 weeks, seat savers take 6 to 8 weeks; after which the shipping you select on the checkout page will be applied, therefore you can select one day shipping or ground shipping, and we will use that method to ship your item after it is custom made for you. All items are made for virtually any car, from Acura to Volkswagen, anything can be made.  Even for your custom hot rod.

Covercraft RUSH service is available to make your item in 3-4 days, click here to add this service to your order for an extra fee.

A Covercraft ez fold board is available, to make folding and unfolding a cover easier
click here to add this to your order. For more information click here to see how this works.

Covercraft Reflective welting is available,
click here to add this to your order.

Covercraft Custom Embroidery is available,
click here to add this to your order.

Your order is processed immediately when you order. We are the fastest company at getting your cover made.  

All covercraft items are custom made unless they say the word 'readyship' in their description. There are large fees to return any covercraft item. Once you place your order, the Covercraft custom fabrication of your item begins, any changes or cancellations of your order after you have placed it will be subject to a 35% restocking fee. Covercraft WeathershieldHD , Covercraft weathershield colors, Covercraft form fit and Covercraft sunbrella fabrics are NOT returnable, only warranty issues or repairs will be honored. Your order must be prepaid for fabrication to begin and you will be charged on your credit card at the time you place your order. Additional shipping charges may apply for large Covercraft rails and Covercraft tonneau covers, more than those listed on our checkout screen, please email to confirm charge before ordering if you are concerned about this. If you return a item for credit that is not custom made, shipping costs equal to the amount of free shipping given upon ordering will be deducted from the amount of money returned to you. Covercraft items and orders do not come with a free glass cleaner.
Click Here to Look Up Pricing & Parts For Your Vehicle

Covercraft Outdoor Fabrics to Choose From:

Covercraft NOAH Cover Fabric:
Click Here

Covercraft NOAH barrier fabric actually stops water, yet it "breathes" to allow any trapped moisture, seam seepage orNOAH®condensation to easily evaporate. The unique patented construction process results in a cover with maximum all-weather protection...highly water resistant, dust resistant, UV resistant and breathable to make sure moisture and/or heat don't stay under the cover. Covercraft Fabric is thick as compared to weathershield, but lets in more moisture and does get heavy and wet, where weathershield is thin and never gets wet and blocks out all moisture. Made in the U.S. by Kimberly-Clark, the fabric weighs only 4.45 oz./sq. yd., so it's easy to handle and fold. Protective Outer Layers, Micro-Porous Middle Layer, Soft, Paint-Protecting Inner Layer - A bi-component fabric made with polyethylene and nylon.


WeatherShield HD Cover Fabric:   Click Here

Covercraft WeatherShield now has a "big brother".....WeatherShield HD  Not only is the fabric solution dyed, the 300 denser construction is 40% heavier than regular Covercraft WeatherShield and the heavier denser thread provides double the tear and tensile strength. This Covercraft fabric is thicker than weathershield and keeps out all moisture, great for areas where you might get dinged. Covercraft WeathershieldHD , weathershield colors, form fit and sunbrella fabrics are not returnable, only warranty issues or repairs will be honored


Weathershield HP Cover Fabric:   Click Here

The Ultimate all-weather cover fabric just got better.  The worldwide patented EPIC by Nextec finish helps shed moisture and stops dust, dirt and tree sap from reaching your vehicles finish. The fabric "breathes" to allow moisture, condensation and heat to easily escape from under the cover. The encapsulation technology goes INSIDE the fabric, around the fibers, resulting in a silky smooth finish that glides over fine paint finishes.

Nextec engineers have now married solution-dyed fibers to the EPIC finish in an environmentally friendly process that features much lower CO2 emissions! Also called "dope-dyeing" the high-performance polyamide fibers require no dyeing after weaving, saving water and energy consumption and slashing wastewater, a byproduct of traditional surface dye processing. Using solution-dyed fibers can save as much as 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced!

Color permanency is the key to our new WeatherShield HP - the color is extruded INSIDE the fibers for maximum fade resistance, NOT a surface dye coating. The result is a cover that's provides all-weather protection, machine washable, fade resistant AND environmentally friendly!

WeatherShield HP will be available in eight (8) colors and you can order your cover in single or two color combinations.



UltraTect Cover Fabric: Click Here

Ultratect was developed from the need for a cover that would retain it's color and strength during extended outdoor exposure,while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection at a reasonable price. Ultratect is made from solution-dyed WeatherMax SL fabric with the following features and benefits:

Fade Resistant - The color is added to the polymer be it is extruded into yarn form for maximum fade resistance.
Superior Shape Retention - Fabrics are resistant to sagging because the fibers are designed to have minimal stretch.
Strong - Using double 150 denier yarns in both the machine and cross direction (2/150's MD & CD) helps provide higher strength and better water resistance than using single 300 denier yarns.
Luxurious "Hand" - The weave gives Ultratect covers more durability and dimensional stability with a luxurious hand or "feel".
Water Resistant - A highly water-repellent HydroMax finish on BOTH sides of the fabric helps protect against rain, while maintaining the fabric's breathability.
Excellent UV Protection - Ideal for applications that are subject to prolonged sun exposure and extreme elements.
Easy to Use - Ultratect's fabric weight is "just right" for everyday use...heavy enough to stay in place and light enough to easily handle on a day-to-day basis.
Easy to Clean - Most mid-size vehicle covers can be cleaned in a home washer and dryer.


Multi Bond Block-It Cover
Fabric:   Click Here

Covercraft Kimberly-Clark developed BLOCK-IT 200 Series fabric to be a mid-price leader in quality and performance. It uses 3-layer polypropylene construction for moisture and dust resistance, and the fibers are treated for extra UV resistance. If you are looking for an inexpensive cover for indoor storage and limited outdoor use, this Covercraft U.S. made fabric offers good, basic protection and is an excellent value.

  • Lightweight, Soft & Non-Abrasive, Breathable, UV Resistant, Dust Protection

Technalon Evolution Cover
Fabric:  Click Here

Covercraft Technalon covers, made with Kimberly-Clark's Evolution 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric, provide maximum protection in all weather conditions.  Improved performance with a stronger outer layer and softer inner layer.  The inner layer is constructed with similar processes used for Covercraft DustopTM interior storage covers - gentle protection for fine paint finishes.

  • Covercraft Technalon Evolution is Naturally Moisture Resistant, Breathable, Dust Barrier, Impact Absorption - 4-layer thickness absorbs impacts better than any other vehicle cover fabric to help protect the finish from nicks, dings, dents and scratches.

380F Series / DELUXE Fabric:   Click Here

Covercraft Block-It 380 Series fabric is Kimberly-Clark's newest film barrier fabric, offering great performance at a competitive price.  Half the weight of the popular Covercraft NOAH fabric.  The three-layer construction uses inner and outer layers of spunbond, sandwiching a middle layer protective film barrier. This replaces the block it 350.  

  • Moisture Resistant, Breathable, Dust Barrier


Fabric:  Click Here

Covercraft Sunbrella provides protection, and years of service, in intense sun areas, like Arizona and other areas of the sun-belt, where UV rays will rapidly degrade the paint and interior. The acrylic fibers are solution dyed, before the fabric is woven, to assure the color goes all the way through the fabric.  The fabric is exceptionally strong and coupled with it's UV resistance it also makes an excellent cover for RV's and trailers that spend extended time stored outside. Covercraft WeathershieldHD , Covercraft weathershield colors, Covercraft form fit and Covercraft sunbrella fabrics are not returnable, only warranty issues or repairs will be honored

  • Long Lasting Strength, Fade Resistant, Water Resistant,  Mildew Resistant

Indoor Cover Fabric Choices:

Fabric:  Click Here

Designed for cars that are not daily drivers, Covercraft's new Form-Fit covers provide a body-hugging fit AND a super soft inside to pamper fine paint finishes.  The outer shell is woven polyester that has Lycra/Spandex added to the yarns to provide STRETCH and memory - the stretch provides the body-hugging fit and the memory assures the cover will retain its shape over an extended period of time (they have a 4-year warranty). The inside fibers are 100% cotton terry loop which is sheared to a fleece-like finish. This cover will provide some ding & dent protection for a garage parked vehicle and the fabric is highly breathable to prevent vapor and heat from becoming trapped under the cover.

Fabric:   Click Here

This Covercraft flannel-like fabric is a 4-layer non-woven composite, ultrasonically laminated to provide a high degree of dust protection during inside storage, while remaining breathable and soft against any fine paint finish.  Maximum dust protection, yet it's lighter and easier to handle, compared to traditional woven fabrics.

  • Soft But Strong Outer Layers, Dust Barrier, Softest, Paint Protecting Inner Layer

Tan Flannel Fabric: 
Click Here

Favored by traditional enthusiast, tan flannel always provides a soft touch to pamper fine paint finishes.  Designed primarily for indoor storage use, this Covercraft woven cover is constructed from a durable polycotton blend.

  • Flannel Underside,  50% heavier than polycotton fabric, Breathable, Water Resistant

Fabric:  Click Here

Durable, woven polycotton blend offers good basic vehicle protection.  Polyester is sun and water resistant, while cotton gives a soft touch to the vehicle's finish.

  • Resists tears, Water Resistant, Breathable, Mildew Resistant


Special Covers for just Cabins:

Click Here
Unique Designs for Specific Applications
Covercraft Interior Covers for Convertibles to cover just the cabin when roof is down
Covercraft Custom Cabin Covers for Pickup Trucks
Covercraft Half-Covers for Pickups that just cover the front half and not the bed
Covercraft Storage Covers for Hardtops


Covercraft UV Heat Shield / Window Cover:

Click Here
Covercraft UV Heat Shields help reduce interior temperature and protect the interior from damaging sun rays that penetrate the front windshield. Covercraft heat shields are custom patterned, insulated and available in two styles. Custom patterned to follow the outline of the windshield, we have over 500 patterns to fit most popular cars, pickups and vans. Covercraft Front windshield UV shields provide protection at the beach, work, airport...anywhere you park, and they're easy to use. 


Covercraft Nose Masks / Bras:

Click Here
Key Features: Protective air intake screens are an integral part of the Covercraft mask, not separate, and they are sewn into the outside of the mask so there are no loose pieces of material inside to abrade the paint surface.  Covered aluminum tabs allow adjustment at the fender wells as vinyl expands and contracts due to temperature. Reinforced air foils prevent flapping and lift.  Heavy-gauge leather grain vinyl has a soft, protective backing. Seams are overlapped and finished with a strong, durable top stitch. Edges are covered with soft, non-abrasive felt-rimmed bindings.

Covercraft Front End Mask:

For maximum protection, you can't beat a full front mask. They cover the bumper area (some truck models do not cover the bumper, to allow for installation of lights, grille guards, etc.) and the leading portion of the hood area. MM Series masks are a little more difficult to install, since the hood piece is separate and must be lined up with the fender area mask for a good installation.

Covercraft Mini-Mask:

Covercraft Mini-masks were designed to protect the area of the hood that takes the most abuse. The front area before the break of a hood is normally where most of the bugs hit and road damage occurs. This style of mask offers an economical alternative to a full front mask and is easy to store when not in use.

Covercraft Deflector-Protector Hood Protector:

The Covercraft hood protector with a built-in bug deflector. At the top of the hood curve we've added a reinforced bug deflector to create a swirling wind action that will divert most bugs, dirt and debris away from the windshield. Unlike hard plastic bug deflectors, Covercraft's Deflector-Protector can be removed in minutes and stored in the trunk or behind the seat in a pickup. There are no holes to drill or hardware to attach, it installs quickly and easily using an envelope design and tightening strap under the hood to hold it securely in place. Click Here





Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Covers:

Keep your seats looking new for years with slip-on Covercraft SeatSaver seat protectors. Custom patterned, they slip on to provide protection from sun, dirt, outdoor fun, or workweek abuse. Breathable, heavy duty polycotton fabric won't give you that "sticky" feeling.  The fabric is protected with a DWR (durable water repellency) finish that blocks most "accidents" from reaching the seats. Custom fitted, slip-on slip-off protection from everyday abuse. Heavy-duty, polycotton drill weave fabric "breathes" so you don't get stuck to the seat.  Washer / dryer safe for easy home care.  No tools required for easy installation and removal. Takes 5 to 8 weeks to ship out.

Click Here

Covercraft SeatGloves Seat Covers:

Semi-custom patterned for most bucket and sport seats, SeatGloves feature a seating panel of high-performance Covercraft Coolmax¨ fabric. Covercraft SeatGloves feature a seating panel of 1/8 inch thick high-performance D3 warp knit spacer fabric with a top surface of Covercraft Coolmax¨ high-breathability fabric to keep you cool. The seating panel is surrounded by a form-fitting stretch fabric border with the look and feel of neoprene to protect the high-wear areas of the seat. High-performance breathable Covercraft Coolmax¨ fabric is made from proprietary fibers that provide great breathability, even when wet. Warp knit D3 Three-Dimensional Knit Spacer Fabricsª provide maximum breathability, insulation, compression resistance and durability. When dirty SeatGloves are easy to clean - just throw in your home washer and dryer. Choose from five colors, bright blue, tan, red, gray, and yellow.

Click Here


Covercraft Universal & Cargo Area Pet Pads:

Click Here
Covercraft Universal Fit for Bucket or Bench Seats . Heavy-duty Waterpoof Fabric Takes Abuse.  Quilted, Padded Construction for Comfort.  Easy to Install with Upper & Lower Straps.  Hose Off, Scrub & Air Dry.  Pet Travel Comfort for SUV's, Wagons & Vans.  Bolsters Adjust for Fit.  Quilted One-Side, Vinyl on Other (color varies).  Easy to Use - Easy to Clean.  Available in Same 8. Colors as Pet Pads. Warranty: 90 Days



Covercraft ProNet Tailgate Net:

Covercraft Pro Net invented the single piece tailgate net and is the recognized leader in quality, fit and finish! Every Pro Net features the patented high-performance, even-tensioning design that requires only four mounting holes to produce a perfectly flat, sag-free installation. For good looks and increased air flow through the truck bed, Pro Net provides a selection of styles and colors to complement any pickup.
Click Here

  • The Original Covercraft Performance Series Pro Net - Three sizes, for full-size, mid-size and compact pickups. Constructed of heavy-duty 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabric, with stainless steel mounting hardware. Available in blue, red, black, white or gray.

  • Covercraft Pro Flow™ Flap-Vented Pro Net - Patented vent-cut design allows nets to be silk-screened with eye-catching, wall-to-wall graphics. Vents open and close while driving for gas saving air flow. Constructed of heavy-duty 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabric, with stainless steel mounting hardware. Available in U.S.A. flag or Canadian Maple Leaf.

  • Covercraft Pro Runner™ Series - Budget priced Pro Runner model features our patented, balanced air-flow design and the patented Pro Net even-tensioning system. Constructed of 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabric, with plated steel mounting hardware. Available in black only.

Covercraft Cargo Keeper:

Click Here
Designed for Familes on the Go! Made of Durable 600 denier PVC Backed Fabric
Easy Setup / Hook & Loop Divider Panels
Easy Storage and Adjustability
Available 2 Sizes and Colors
Warranty: 90 Days


Covercraft Spare Tire Cover:

Click Here
Available in "Good" & "Better" Vinyl Fabric
Double Needel Seam Construction
Multi-Strand Shock Cord in Hem
Easy Installation - Clips on End of Shock Cord
Available in Black Only
Warranty: 90 Days

Spare Tire CoversSpare Tire Covers



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